About Map

With our mission to support, connect and grow Australia’s fintech ecosystem domestically and abroad, we have created this interactive investor map for fintech startups to provide better access to investors and for investors to better position their organisation to the fintech startups.

This interactive map is managed directly by the investors themselves and providing the relevant information, including startups/fintechs they have funded in the past. Angel investors, Accelerators, Angel Groups, VCs and institutional investors are all invited to include their details on the map. The map is further segmented by stages of funding to help startups that are learn about the investors active in that space.

For InvestorsFor Fintechs and Startups
Sign up to the webpage to directly add the relevant information. Include type of investor, stages of funding and fintechs/startups you have previously funded to help startups better understand your expertise and interests. Please also keep your description concise.

Note: if your information is already included without you signing up, please note that this was just directly taken from your website. If you would like to make edits, please sign-up and create a new account. We will then replace the information with what is shared by you.
The map contains a comprehensive list of all the investors in the industry. Please refer to the map to better understand the investors, companies funded and also details about how to pitch.

Please contact rehan@fintechaustralia.org.au if you have any queries or feedback.